Employees who lived with Song Ji-hyo’s own money

Employees who lived with Song Ji-hyo’s own money reported wage arrears at the Employment and Labor Administration A


Employees reported directly to the Employment and Labor Administration after actress Song Ji-hyo recently accused A, the former CEO of Ujurox, of embezzlement, and broke her promise to pay overdue wages on the 10th. The last deadline left to conscience was not followed in the end.

As a result of OSEN coverage, former CEO of Woojurox A said he would give delayed salaries to employees who left without receiving a salary, but it has never been deposited, and promised a deadline of June 10. However, Mr. A eventually failed to keep his last promise, and the employees reported it to the Employment and Labor Administration for unpaid wages and received a petition.

In the process, Song Ji-hyo took care of the living expenses of employees who were suffering from not receiving wages from their agencies, even though her unpaid amount reached 900 million won. In addition, it was revealed that he/she paid the on-site progress fee at his/her own expense after preventing managers from overdue cards, knowing that the salaries and four major insurance payments of employees who are new to society in their 20s were overdue.

Currently, employees who received the petition in advance have been contacted by the Ministry of Employment and Labor and completed the investigation, while others are waiting for the contact of the labor supervisors.

An official told OSEN, “Some of the employees who did not receive wages have left the industry at all, and some have been re-employed at other companies,” adding, “Everyone waited for the last time when they said they would give it by June 10th, but they didn’t keep their promise, and there was no contact from A.”

OSEN also tried to call A, the former CEO of Woojurox, several times, but the call was not easy only because of the comment, “I can’t connect…”

Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo received an unpaid lawsuit through a legal representative on the 2nd of last month and accused A of embezzlement. Earlier, he notified Ujurox of the termination of the exclusive contract and began legal action against the unpaid amount of about 900 million won

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