After Yoo Yeon-seok Park Hyo-joo will join Kim Sa-bu 3

After Yoo Yeon-seok Park Hyo-joo will join Kim Sa-bu 3 and reunite with Han Seok-gyu

Han Seok-gyu

Professor Charisma Shim will also return to Doldam Hospital. Actor Park Hyo-joo will make a special appearance in “Romantic Doctor Kim Sa-bu 3.”

While SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Romantic Doctor Kim Sa-bu 3” (playwright Kang Eun-kyung, Lim Hye-min/director Yoo In-sik, Kang Bo-seung/production Samhwa Networks, Studio S) is set to have its final episode, Park Hyo-joo, who was active in season 2, will also join the “Romantic Doctor Kim Sa-bu” series.

Park Hyo-joo, who starred in “Romantic Doctor Kim Sa-bu 2,” was loved for playing Shim Hye-jin. Shim Hye-jin, who first appeared in the previous series, is a professor of anesthesia who came to Doldam Hospital from a large hospital and has a defensive mind due to trauma in the past. He treated patients with a cool tone and a cold-looking expression, had a lot of conflicts with Doldams, and added tension in each episode.

However, her determined and honest expressions based on charisma and “fact bombing” lines gradually received enthusiastic responses, and her unexpected charm revealed by overcoming trauma over time, chemistry and relationship with members of Doldam Hospital doubled fun and became a key character of “Dr. Romantic.”

As a result, the news of Park Hyo-joo’s joining the production of a new series of “Dr. Romantic” drew attention. Park Hyo-joo, who delivered the news of her special appearance ahead of the final episode, meets the stone walls and adds to the curiosity about what kind of story she will tell.

Meanwhile, the 15th episode of “Romantic Doctor Kim Sa-bu 3,” starring Park Hyo-joo, will air on SBS at 10 p.m. on the 17th

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