Actress Jin Ye-sol will self-reflect on drunk driving

Actress Jin Ye-sol will self-reflect on drunk driving accident apple


Actor Jin Ye-sol (38) was booked for a drunk driving accident. Jin Ye-sol and his agency apologized, saying, “I deeply apologize for causing concern over unsavory things.”

Jin Ye-sol hit the guardrail twice while driving on Olympic Boulevard after drinking on the night of the 12th. A citizen who saw this reported it, and about 30 minutes later, he was found asleep in the driver’s seat while waiting for a signal at a nearby three-way intersection. As a result of the alcohol test, Jin Ye-sol’s blood alcohol concentration was at the level of license cancellation. The Seoul Gangdong Police Station is investigating Jin Ye-sol on charges of drunk driving.

Jin Ye-sol posted a handwritten apology on Instagram on the 13th and said, “I sincerely apologize again,” adding, “As a public figure, I should have judged more carefully with responsibility for all my actions, but I made a big mistake that I should never do with a complacent judgment for a while.” “I’m sorry again to everyone who supports me. “I will reflect on myself and self-reflect in the future,” he said. He also added, “I’m so sorry, but I’m ashamed.”

The agency DI Entertainment also issued a statement and made an official apology. The agency said, “There is no excuse for Jin Ye-sol’s behavior and the fact that he drove around.” “Jin Ye-sol and his agency will self-reflect with a deep sense of responsibility,” he said. He added, “I’m sorry for everyone and I apologize once again for causing controversy.” He also said, “We will find ways to respond quickly so that many officials are not harmed.”

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