No violence to babies Song Joong-ki KT’s first public

No violence to babies Song Joong-ki KT’s first public appearance was canceled


Actor Song Joong-ki and his wife Katie Lewis Sounders’ first public appearance was canceled.

Song Joong-ki attended the official screening of the movie “Hwaran” held at the Cannes Palais de Festival De Bisch Theater in southern France at 11 a.m. on the 24th (local time). On this day, Song Joong-ki showed a relaxed appearance with fan service by taking selfies with fans and signing autographs.

Initially, Song Joong-ki’s wife Katie was also scheduled to join the event, but it was reported that she did not watch it because she judged that some violent depictions of the film were not appropriate at a time when she was about to give birth.

In addition, Katie decided not to participate in the official red carpet event held at 9:30 p.m. that day.

Although he failed to attend the official meeting with KT, Song Joong-ki showed his loveliness. “I came to Cannes with my wife,” he said in a media interview. Although the birth is only a month away, it is a culture that recommends pregnant women to walk and move more. “I’m at a film festival, but my nerves are all there,” he said, expressing his affection.

Song Joong-ki visited Cannes when “Hwaran” was invited to the “Notable Eyes” section of the Cannes Film Festival. “Hwaran” is a noir genre film about Yeon-kyu (Hong Sa-bin), a boy who lived a hellish life, stepping into the organization, and Song Joong-ki plays the role of the organization’s middle boss, Chi-gun.

After the World Premiere premiere, the movie was successfully applauded by more than 1,000 audiences for about four minutes. Song Joong-ki said, “After watching the movie, I feel satisfied because it seems to be deeper than what I felt in the script. “I’m glad I did this movie.”

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