Hwang Hee-chan’s sudden release of Wolves’ financial

Hwang Hee-chan’s sudden release of Wolves’ financial crisis is expected and Leeds is also losing interest

Hwang Hee-chan's

It has been argued that Hwang Hee-chan’s future is unclear. It is news that his team Wolverhampton Wanderers will send Hwang Hee-chan out due to financial fair play (FFP) regulations.

Hwang Hee-chan wore a Wolverhampton uniform last season on loan in Leipzig, Germany. In the first season of the transfer, he successfully settled down with one assist in five league games.

Wolverhampton also decided to recruit Hwang Hee-chan completely, becoming a full member of the team from this season. He scored three goals and one assist in 26 games, but his injury hampered him. He was unable to play from February to early April.

With the team struggling to compete for the starting lineup, the possibility of leaving the team has increased due to the team’s financial problems

The problem is the next destination. This is because Leeds United, which showed an active interest in Hwang Hee-chan last season, is reported to be not aiming for Hwang Hee-chan this time.

Alan Nixon, a reporter for The Sun, said, “Hwang Hee-chan is leaving Wolverhampton this summer. Wolverhampton has faced FFP problems and will sell Hwang Hee-chan to balance the club’s books, he said. “Liz is unlikely to revive the interest he showed to Hwang Hee-chan last year.”

Leeds local newspaper MOT Leeds News also admitted, “Liz, who showed interest in Hwang Hee-chan a year ago, has now lost interest.”

The reason is that Hwang Hee-chan revealed problems in goal determination. “I may be looking for new challenges abroad to get my career back on track,” he explained.

“Liz may be in either the Premier League or the Championship next season, but we need new faces ahead of the new season. However, Hwang Hee-chan said, “I will not be satisfied to play in the championship, not in the Premier League.” 토토사이트

Leeds are 19th in the relegation zone. He must win the final match against Tottenham Hotspur unconditionally, and he can remain only if Everton, ranked 17th, and Leicester City, ranked 18th, lose.

Meanwhile, Hwang Hee-chan is known to be drawing attention not only from the Premier League but also from Italian Serie A teams. However, no specific team name was mentioned

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