The fluctuating Jordanian pool needs a stable evolution

The fluctuating Jordanian pool needs a stable evolution

Jordanian pool

It is not easy to find a case of continuously maintaining power for a long time on the NBA stage, where people compete and compete like war every season. There are only a few teams that have dominated an era, and even such teams are often buried as memories of the past after some time. Bill Russell’s Boston, Larry Bird’s Boston, Magic Johnson’s Showtime Lakers, Bad Boyz’s Detroit, and even Chicago, led by “Basketball Emperor” Michael Jordan, have not escaped that process.

There are many factors here, but above all, there is a great reason why the current leaders did not care about the future glory. Therefore, by the end of a dynasty or a strong team, the team is likely to go through a dark period or a rebuilding process for quite a long time. Analysts say that this tendency is becoming more pronounced in the recent trend, where the concept of franchises is becoming blurred.

On the other hand, the prestigious Golden State Warriors representing the present era are somewhat different. Golden State, which was founded in 1946 and celebrated its 77th anniversary this year, has won seven finals in its career. Considering the number of wins, he may have reigned as a strong player for a long time, but the reality was not. He won three championships until 1975, and enjoyed the joy of being at the top once for a certain period, if not often, but the dark ages continued for a long time.

After winning the Final in 1975 and the Division in 1976, Golden State became a weak image. Under the leadership of Don Nelson, who was called the NBA’s best run-and-gun master, the emergence of RUN-TMC trio in the late 1980s and early 1990s, which led Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond, and Chris Mullin, but it was far from a strong team.

Compared to the team’s history, there were not many legends of the permanent number class. “Ancient Monster” Wilt Chamberlain, Russian power forward Tom Mescheri, the 1975 champions Al-Atlas and Rick Barry, and Nate Thurmond, who dominated an era as a powerful defensive center, are legends that will remain in NBA history, but they all played until the 1970s. Since then, except for Merlin, it is hard to find a player who has been active on the team for a long time and made a name for himself.

And… everything has changed since Stephen Curry (34, 188cm), who will be recorded as the best player in the club’s history, joined the seventh place in the first round of the 2009 rookie draft. Curry formed the best trio with Clay Tamson and Draymond Green, who will join later, and has elevated Golden State to the prestigious team of all time by leading four finals wins until last season.

It is considered to have changed the league trend beyond the team’s history, and boasts a high status enough to surpass the top 10 spots in history. The phrase “Golden State’s history is divided into before and after Curry” doesn’t sound like an exaggeration at all. Local fans’ interest in Golden State has also increased beyond comparison.

Therefore, the Golden State club does not want the current glory to be maintained simply in the Curry era. Curry wants to maintain his power to win the league even after retirement or aging. Like the San Antonio Spurs, who consistently reigned as a strong team from the 1990s to the 2010s.

Various conditions will be needed for the team to maintain its strong form for a long time, but above all, the presence of a new ace who will lead the team’s attack after the existing ace is essential. Therefore, even at Golden State, even when he was at the top of the league, he put a lot of effort into finding Curry’s successor. The closest player at this point is Jordan Pool (23,193cm), who was ranked 28th in the 2019 Rookie Draft.

Some may say that the ranking is somewhat low for the team’s future, but it doesn’t mean much at Golden State. The mythical figures in the team, including Clay Tamson (11th) and Draymond Green (35th), are not from the top picks. Curry, which is the highest, is also only seventh. The best power that made Golden State today is the eye of scouts in the team who see good lumber and the system to raise players well.

Pool is an all-weather scoring machine that evenly moves between inside and outside. Basically, his ball handling is outstanding. He is quick to move around, breaking through and throwing a shot. If you find a gap because you like the first step, you don’t hesitate to dig in and succeed in breaking through quickly before the help defense comes in, but you are so determined that you somehow make a maid even when you feel like you lost your balance. There are also various repertoires such as plotters, finger rolls, and double clutches.

Shooting skills are also steadily increasing. At the beginning of his career, he suffered severe criticism that “the shot was weaker than the breakthrough,” but since then, he has steadily honed his shooting skills and raised both pull-up jumpers and catch-and-shot to a considerable level. There is still a long way to go, but it often explodes deep three as well as midrange and long two, often showing plays reminiscent of Curry. The jump shot that deceives the defender while controlling the dribble speed is also excellent.

Paul’s performance has continued steadily this season. He is showing off his high-quality skills with an average of 20.6 points, 4.6 assists, 2.8 rebounds, and 0.8 steals. Considering that there are players in the team who have excellent scoring skills other than themselves, it can be said that scoring productivity has been sufficiently verified. If he was a team that could be more active, his scoring record would have been higher than now.

Above all, it deserves applause for playing 68 games in a situation where there are not a few injuries in the team. This is because players have to play a lot to bring more contribution to the team. Considering that Ace Curry is increasing the number of absences due to large and small injuries, it is now proving that he can play more than a substitute, not just a backup.

The problem is the ups and downs in an attack. Analysts say that the weaknesses in defense and passing skills are improving little by little over the season. There is still a long way to go, but he is aware of his weaknesses and is a practice bug enough to admit coach Steve Kerr, so it is highly likely that he will not fall from the present at least. However, in the case of attacks, it is pointed out that if such a gap is not narrowed due to the wide gap between good and bad, it will be difficult to succeed Curry, even though he may not be a high-quality player.

If you look at the pool at good times, there is nothing you can’t shoot if it’s a breakthrough. Curry is also reminiscent of Curry in the way he is scrambling around, cracking his opponent’s defense, and looking at his own attack as well as his teammate’s chances. However, on the contrary, some days, both breakthroughs and shots are not allowed, and sometimes they become X-Men. This is why coaches need to work harder in that their favorite players are the “calculating type.”

Of course, you can’t always be in good condition. Everyone can have ups and downs. However, the important thing is whether it is possible to play to help the team even at such a moment. In the case of team senior Curry, when his shooting skills are not good, he takes a minimal contribution through seasoned movements or passing plays, and when his shooting skills begin to revive, he pulls up the gear again. In many ways, the grass is worth referring to. It is also necessary to increase plays such as getting free throws while bumping into it 스포츠토토추천

As mentioned earlier, pool has become a technician recognized by the league with his current skills alone. The team also fully acknowledged that part and signed an extension contract with $140 million (about KRW 2019 billion) for four years in October last year, giving him a bundle of money. However, if you continue to grow steadily as you have done so far as you are still young, a bigger jackpot may be waiting by the end of your contract.

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