Exposing unpleasant and unwanted privacy to Korail

Exposing unpleasant and unwanted privacy to Korail employees who stole RM’s personal information


While it was revealed that an employee of the Korea Railroad Corporation (KORAIL) unauthorized access to the personal information of RM (real name Kim Nam-joon, 29), a member of the group’s BTS, RM directly expressed displeasure.

RM captured and posted an article on his social network service on the 2nd that contained information on “KORAIL employees who illegally accessed BTS RM personal information.” He then added an “^^;;” emoticon to express his discomfort.

According to KORAIL on the 1st, A, an employee, inquired RM’s personal information such as ticket information, address, and mobile phone number 18 times over the past three years from 2019. Mr. A is said to have worked in the IT department, where he can access customers’ personal information for business purposes.

KORAIL has launched its own audit after receiving an internal report earlier. Mr. A reportedly said, “I checked RM’s reservation details and saw the actual product,” and “I gave RM’s ticket information so that my friend could buy a nearby seat.” “It was just out of curiosity,” said A, who is undergoing disciplinary procedures after his/her dismissal. I reflect on my mistakes,” he explained.

It is the second time this year that RM has expressed regret over the leakage of his private life. In January, the chief monk of Hwaeomsa Temple in Gurye, who visited Temple Stay, disclosed the contents of his chat with RM to the media without consulting. The contents of the chat also contained stories related to military enlistment. After the media report, RM said, “Thank you for the good time, but I didn’t expect to publish an article. “Next time, I will go to another temple quietly,” he said, expressing embarrassment.

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