James lied to Beiris What kind of injury is that?

James lied to Beiris What kind of injury is that? It’s a mysterious injury


It has been claimed that LeBron James is deceiving a foot injury.

Skip Bayless, known as a “poisoner,” recently urged the Los Angeles Lakers to reveal the exact details of James’ injury, saying there were too many questions about James’ injury on “Undistributed.”

“We need to know what James’ injury is,” said Bayless, a Fox Sports analyst. They don’t even try to say what the injury is. Another mysterious James injury,” he said.

“The team should disclose the player’s injury transparently, especially for players who are the face of a franchise like James,” he continued.

In response to some media reporters’ message that James had suffered a foot injury for a long time but continued to play for the team’s playoff berth, Bayless said, “Where do you think that source came from? It’s not the Lakers. It’s his agent Rich Paul. Paul is playing the media.

Beiris said, “Is it an ankle? Is it a foot sprain? Toes? Now we’re left in the dark about his right foot, which was injured on a routine drive-in. If James heard something explode, what exploded? Did James get an MRI as reported? Did you receive secondary and tertiary opinions from a foot specialist?” he asked.

Bayless also tweeted, “What is James’ left foot that made him unable to play in three games before the All-Star break? It’s really confusing,” he wrote 안전놀이터

Meanwhile, James is expected to be re-evaluated for injuries in two weeks.

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