Chelsea have no offense but Manchester United scored

Chelsea have no offense but Manchester United scored only six goals and 50 points.


Football statistics site ‘skore’ said on the 2nd, “Chelsea’s crazy statistics. What do we need for change?” he pinched the blunt window.

Chelsea scored just six goals in 15 matches between November 6 last year and February 26, 2023. It’s a disastrous level. It is the worst statistics to say that there are no strikers.

During the same period, Manchester United scored as many as 50 goals. Of course, more games were played, but the statistics are clearly different.

Manchester United even showed off its sharp spear by scoring three goals in the FA Cup round of 16 against West Ham United on the 2nd.

Chelsea are making their worst move of the season. Under Graham Potter’s system, he is struggling.

Chelsea have invested a huge sum in the transfer window this season. However, it has not been effective due to its disastrous performance of ranking 10th in the league.

The scoring situation is even worse. He is 13th in the league with 23 goals. It is not that there are no strikers. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Raheem Sterling, Jo펠리o Felix and Mikhailo Moodrick have been recruited in the transfer market this season, but they are not getting any money 토토사이트

Chelsea are only scoring four goals, even if it is limited to 2023. It’s no exaggeration to say that there are no strikers.

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